Thursday, December 24, 2009

CAD #7: Green Foot

You've heard of the mysterious, hairy giant that lives in the woods, or his shaggy white cousin in the Himalayas but few know about Green Foot. This pygmy offshoot of the Big Foot ( Pedes Giganticus) family is the tiniest and most powerful of all the Big Feet. Unlike their antisocial cousins, they move freely through the human world. They, in fact, have come to depend on us to transport them and cary them too and fro. The Green Foot uses his long, green tale to mesmerize people. We don't even know we're holding them. That coffee you drank and tossed away on the way to work this morning? Probably a Green Foot. That magazine you picked up to read on the subway and then lost it? Probably a Green Foot. The hooker you got a room with last weekend? Probably a hooker.

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