Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Curious George

I made this pic for the "Illustration Friday" theme "Little Things"

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Goodbye Conselyea

We went into contract on a brand new condo at 63 Conselyea, in Brooklyn, waaay back in March. It should be ready by the end of April they said. In June they said it should be done by the end of the summer. The last week in July we got an email: "Pack your bags, you'll be getting your 30 day notice to move in." A few days later we were told that was a mistake. It will be done by October at the latest. Also, they claim to have their Certificate of Occupancy, but our inspector said it's impossible. There were dozens of code violations, the outlets didn't work yet, no sinks in the bathrooms and missing appliances. All sorts of things required for a Certificate of Occupancy. So, things will work out, we thought. It seems like such a great place and we'd have a back yard and lots of space and live happily ever after, as soon as this place is completed. At the end of October, we went by the place and saw them putting in new toilets ( that's what they said they were doing ) but almost none of the other violations were fixed yet. During this whole process, we're waiting for their lawyer to contact our lawyer. She called and faxed their lawyer repeatedly to no avail. About thirteen hours ago, Lauren and I went to see the place. Below are the pictures.

The garbage that's strewn all over the place - not really that bad. They can clean that up quickly. But the holes and scratches in walls and ceilings, the uninstalled toilet - all of that plus the dozens of violations they haven't tended to yet - it's insane. We called our lawyer and backed out of the deal.
This sucks a lot. We really wanted to live there. If only the builder made it possible for us to do that.