Friday, May 23, 2008


Some sketches from our most recent visit to
a big, dark, crowded, noisy bar in midtown NYC.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I sent out my monthly newsletter this afternoon. Because I'm not too good with the htlm I sent the letter out with a paypal button to order my NEW BOOK, "Don't Brag About Your Nuts" and the button doesn't work! For anyone who wishes to purchase the book click on this picture

to get to the paypal button that DOES work. Or, simply find me at
on June 7th & 8th. I'll have the book there.

So after Aki Sushi Lauren, Peter and I went over to
Gotham Hall
where style meets sophistication, to attend a UF fundraiser and awards dinner. I met with many fine, upstanding University Alumni. These folks take their school spirit very seriously. Go Gators!

Aki Sushi

aki sushi.jpg

Lauren, Peter (Goldberg) and I got to the big UF alumni event a little early last week, so we stopped into Aki Sushi for a pre-game beer. It was 5pm so the place wasn't hopping yet. Not much going on at all in fact, though we did see them serve a pretty unusual appetizer.

Lauren & Peter were talking about sales and Lauren explained what
is. I worked four years for a firm that specialized in sales incentives and had never heard the term Spiff!