Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FOTM: skipped but not forgotten

If you're wondering we're the latest
Fact of The Matter
is, I haven't done it yet. It's the middle of January. There's not much happening in politics these days. We're exactly one year away from the date G.W. is due to step down. There's the occasional primary here and there, but really, what's going on?
Because politics have been so slow I took the week off and went to California with Lauren. We've been visiting my sister & her family, spent the weekend at a Yearbook Conference in Huntington Beach. We'll be back to NYC (ok, New Jersey) on Wednesday or Thursday and by Saturday, 1/26 I hope to have a new
online. After that, I plan to keep posting new
's weekly.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

André François

So the New Yorker still isn't buying a whole lot of cartoons from me but I go almost every week. Most of the others there are curmudgeons who've been cartooning longer than I've been alive. I've learned a lot of priceless tidbits from them, like how to build a crystal radio set and that Mary Pickford is the Bee's Knees. Today they were raving about some old illustrators I wasn't too familiar with - Bob Marz and André François. Both google and wiki let me down in finding Mr. Marz but once I saw Mr. François, I knew I knew him. Great stuff. Here's a the cover of one of his books

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Click the above pic to check out the wiki. It's worth it.