Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Leper Con

The Leper Con
I was drinking green beer with my friends at a bar.
A wee man appeared with no nose and strange scars.

"I'll wager ye oversized gents never seen
a tiny man what can turn hisself green!"

Drunkenly accepting that wager we coughed up some dough.
Then the little imp turned himself green don't you know?

He grabbed our money, waved goodbye and moved toward the door.
That waving hand popped off his wrist and fell to the floor!
"I reckon I won't do that trick anymore."

Monday, March 16, 2009

She or He?

We're having a baby! My wife is about 15 weeks knocked up which means we're one month from being able to know what sex he is. I'm thrilled to be having a kid. No matter what he turns out to be, boy or girl or boy. Lauren doesn't want to know but I think we should find out. I love suspense in a novel or a movie or presidential election but not in this case. I want to find out so we can choose his name, decorate his room and start buying tonka trucks.
Lauren just suggested that until we know what we're having we combine She, He & It so people can ask her how the little Shit is doing.