Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CAD #10: La Cougar Acha

Okay, my first slip in doing a Character-A-Day on my blog. You may even notice it's been three days and I'll tell you why. I had gone out to get flowers for my wife, just because, when I was accosted by some Hassidic Ruffians. They pulled me into a dark alley and forced me to play dreidle. As luck would have it, I started out doing great. I had them by the gelt. Then, things started spinning out of control. Before I knew it I'd run out of cash and was throwing everything but the baby into the pot. Everything including my laptop with all my characters.
So, the blog was out of commission but, I'm back with a character who needs no explanation, which is good, because she has nothing to do with the above story.

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