Sunday, February 21, 2010

CAD: Update

Character - A - Day Update
There are no shortage of characters in NYC so I never worried where the next one would come from. Hipsters, hippies, drunks, druggies, demons, aliens, politicians - they're all here. Even the occasional cyborg. Occasional until recently. I've started seeing cyborgs everywhere. I took a few weeks off from my CAD blogging to research why.
The simple answer to why I'm seeing more cyborgs is, there ARE more cyborgs. DARPA and their civilian counterparts are creating all kinds of hybrid folks. Everything from a human with a single robotic limb to a robot with human organs.
Because I've found so many of them, for at least the next few weeks, this blog will look more like Cyborg-A-Day.
I hope you dig it.

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