Thursday, February 04, 2010

CAD #27: Bunny Monger

1978: Sitting in her high school biology class, stoned, Bunny had an epiphany. She would cross breed rabbits with dachshunds and make the perfect pet.

1982: Still stoned, sitting in her parents back yard with five dachshunds and 414 rabbits it finally sinks in that this cross breading won't work. Bunny gets rid of her rabbits and tries to breed dachshunds to look like rabbits.

1987: Same back yard. Bunny sells the dachshunds and buys some rabbits.

1987: Success! Breeding the rabbits to be longer is working.

1997: Bunny, almost making a living as a boutique breeder, hits the big time when her Dachshund-Kaninchen Breed becomes all the rage Germany.

2010: On the German version of Top Chef, Stephan Schmieren wins by making one of Bunny's rabbits into schnitzel with a side of spaetzle. Yum!

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