Sunday, November 04, 2007

Comics Events 11/1 & 11/2 '07

A few big events this past week. On Thursday, four legendary New Yorker cartoonists, WARREN MILLER, SID HARRIS, LEE LORENZ, FRANK MODELL had an opening of their work at The Phoenix Gallery in Chelsea. Good stuff. Check it out, but don't expect cheese with your wine.

On Friday night, a big book signing at Jim Hanley's Universe for the brand spankin new anthology House of Twelve Goes to War in which I, your humble blogger, have a four page comic story. Get one today!! And tell them Evan sent you for a 0%percent discount.
From left to right Editor and Cheese- Mark Hasselberger, Dave McKenna, Miss Lasko-Gross, Alex Robinson and Mike Dawson. Mr. Robinson, the only one here not in House of Twelve Goes to War is rumored to have not been in the book because he's busy working on the movie version of Box Office Poison with Terry Zwigoff. This rumor is exclusive to this blog because I just made it up.
Also, this past Friday, coincedently celebrated after the signing at Jim Hanley's was Dave McKenna's 40th Birthday!

WooHoo! Party like your old. Sorry Dave.

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