Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Books, The Beatles & a Turkey

What hasn't happened since my last post?
2 book release parties, a Thanksgiving week with laws and in-laws, dinner parties AND my wife and I accidentally moved to NJ.

New Yorker cartoonist and Harvard Oompa-Lampooner Zach Kanin has written The Short Book, a damn funny book about being short. The perfect little stocking stuffer.

I got to see Strawberry Fields, the Beatles tribute band at B.B. Kings on Thanksgiving. It was good show. If you closed your eyes and listened closely you'd swear you'd been transported back in time to a Beatles cover band concert. And it makes you wonder, if John Lennon were alive today, just how big would his waistline be?

(this pic stolen from - thanks seanp284)

Matt Diffee , New Yorker cartoonist and Dictator of his own island nation, has edited
The Rejection Collection 2: The Cream of The Crap
, available at crappy bookstores everywhere. Great stuff. Lots of cartoons and cartoonist profiles.
It's no small coincidence that the afore mentioned Zach Kanin is also in this book.

Aside from working on my own perpetually rejected cartoons, I'm trying to create a couple of comic strips. One for newspapers and/or other print media based on the hilarious hijinks of Evan & Lauren Forsch. Based on. NOT lame autobio comics. Really, this will be lame, "based on" autobio comics.
The other comic is political. I was going to call it The Race of Our Lives, as in Days of Our Lives and the tag would be, "Like oil in an hour glass, this is the race of our lives." Fortunately I thought of a better title. But I'm not going to share that with you yet. I'll be posting the political toon soon enough. Probably.

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