Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You can't go home again


You can't go home again, even if that home is a brand new condo.
The countdown to 11/15/07 is on. We have to be out of our UES apt on 11/15. Either we move into Conselya St's LUCE building, or find a place to rent or move in with Momma & Poppa Forsch. Why wouldn't we move into the brand new condo we've been waiting for, for eight months? Our inspector found 20 or 30 serious problems that need to be fixed and the fine folks at Apartments and Lofts won't help us. We want to move in, but with all the problems were having before we've even closed, it looks like that would be a very, very bad idea. We wanna move in! Fix the place up already. The pic above is what this place looked like back in February.
It looks a little better now but there are still vents that need putting in, that landing half way up the stairs is made of two flimsy boards instead of one solid board, the bathroom sinks are on back order, and that's just the tip of this real estate iceberg.

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