Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dr. Cosby I Presume?

dr. cosby_sm.jpg
I've never been mistaken for a celebrity but, like a lot of folks, I often hear, hey... you look just like that famous guy. For me it's Bill Cosby. I get stopped almost daily by folks who say I look just like him. People who know me well don't see it. They say, "Cosby? That's ridiculous. You're so much younger than him." True. But it happens.

I just emailed an application to the producers of The New Newlywed show. Hopefully Lauren and I will get picked as contestants and win all kinds of fabulous prizes. Perhaps a brand new car? And what's a new car with out TurtleWax? One of the questions they asked is how we got engaged. This is what I told them:

After dinner, (a work function) Lauren and I went to a bar, waiting for some of her co-workers to show up. We already had plenty to drink at dinner and were sipping some new drinks while we waited. I was lost in thought, probably trying to solve world hunger or working on my design for wedgie-proof underpants (patent pending) when I felt Lauren’s warm vodka breath on my neck and heard her say, “ Are we ever gonna get married?”
I looked into those heavenly blue eyes of hers and noticed her left contact lens was a bit off center. I didn’t mention that. Instead, I thought of spending the rest of my life with this brilliant, beautiful woman; thought about waking up everyday holding this gorgeous creature in my strong left arm and slightly less muscular right arm. Staring into her contact centered right eye, I smiled and said, “Okay.”
We clinked glasses and ordered another round.
About a month later, I proposed a little more formally, with an engagement ring and some help from The Big Apple Circus, but that’s another story.

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