Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm flying back from Indianapolis and boy, my arms are tired already. You probably didn't know I was in Indianapolis. Not something I felt the need to brag about.
It's a nice little city, don't get me wrong; just very misleading. It is, in fact, NOT a city full of Native Americans.
Unless you count the hotel staff who seem to be Native South Americans.
Oh, good. The woman in the seat in front of me has pushed her seat back so the screen on my lap top now bends forward and is harder to see.

The most amazing thing in Indianapolis was the bowling. I'm not surprised they have bowling but the game there is slightly different. Instead of ten frames they play 12 per game and only have 8 pins, not ten. An employee explained that most bowling in the US had converted to the metric system but in the midwest they still bowl in the original, olde english style. That made it a unique bowling experience for me but the most incredible thing was, in NYC, when you get bowling shoes, they hang on to one of your shoes as collateral. They don't trust you not to walk off with their shoes. In New York, the shoes' built-in ugly factor is not enough to deter some from walking off with them.
Now the woman infront of me is bouncing about, doing some sort of inflight, inseat tai chi or jazzercize. Does she not realize her antics are annoying a genius at work? This portable computation device I use rests on a tray which is connected to her seat and is therefor effected by her actions. In Indianapolis, they give you bowling shoes and don't take one of yours. I had their shoes and my shoes! Okay, it doesn't seem like any big thing now. You had to be there, man. It was freaky.

Just ahead of me in the next isle I see a gentleman catching up on his reading. He's reading The New Yorker. I can tell, as he turns the pagesMadam! Please stop shaking your seat!
as he carefully reads his magazing I can tell from the cartoons it's a few months old.
I don't know the exact date but I'd guess it's from June. Probably June 23rd. Issue number 22. But again, I'm not exactly sure.
The afore mentioned gentleman is wearing earplugs that match his shirt. Some new trend I'm not aware of? Does Calvin Klein make earplugs?

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