Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well it only took two months but here are the links. Something about it being linked to my website makes it impossible to put the links where they should go, so I'll post them periodicly, once a month if I start blogging regularly.

Cheese "House of 12" Hasselberger

Kevin Colden

Jason Polan

Taco Bell Drawing Club

Mike Lynch

Micheal Maslin


Freelance Bob Eckstein

Felipe "Feggo" Galindo

Martha Gradisher

Jenny "Devil Doll" Gonzalez

Sid Harris

Kate Allen

Randy Jones

Liz "Electrofork" Daggar

Nicole "Click" Fournier

Thomas "Bus Boy" Haddad

Francis "Lots'o'stories' Hogan

Tom "True Fiction" Motley

Classy Dan Widensky

They're ready to believe you:

Wendy Newman's Person Centered Branding

Mitch Newman The Relationship Coach

The Funny Times

Kate "Bling Bling" Stillings

Asaf "8 Track" Shakham

Frank "Man of the people" Reynoso

Steve "Karma Bum" Price

Cary "The Hat" is coming soon

Musikoff makes comics

Musikoff rocks out

Allicette "Le Arteest" Torres

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Larry said...

great link list here. we used mone8 on a project, great to see you hooking him up on your site. Can you post our link too? There is an awesome commercial on the homepage that Mone8 filmed. Here is our Bed Bug Patch Product link to the website.