Friday, April 11, 2008

Haiku Corner

Way, way back, in the days when "Old School" was just "School" I was fiction editor of the Prattler, Pratt Institutes school newspaper. I had a segment called Haiku corner. Each issue I'd sort through hundreds of haikus that were submitted - all of them from the same two guys who'd get stoned and write poetry - and pick the best. Because most of the haikus I recieved started with the line, "Man, I am soooooo high!" I would occasionally write my own haikus to spice things up a bit. That's actually a good tip for all you aspiring writers and poets out there. If you want to be published, it's good to be the editor. That's how I got this little gem in the paper:

All the ladies love
Ernie the dolphin because
he doesn't wear pants

Now that I'm oh so much older, my material is more mature. I wrote this haiku this morning:

Now with all this hair
in my nose I wonder why
my nose still gets cold

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