Monday, December 04, 2006

Smell ya later.

Today I went to the Post Office early, you know, before Noon and there was a tremendous line. I over heard people saying "it's The Season." I didn't know there was a Mail Season. Luckily I could buy stamps from the vending machine and get out of there quick. I had other errands to run. Most important on my to-do list was a new stick of anti-persperant. Everytime I go to there are 20 new varieties. Special Spice or Manly Musk or Minty Fresh. It's anti-persperant. My goal in procuring this product is NOT to smell. Well, short story short, I may soon be extra stinky cause I can no longer find Unscented Anti-persperant. Of course I didn't search more than one store but I'm afraid to exert myself. I might start sweating.

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